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Antonia Bea
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello there

I'm Nina
I'm 20, I live in Jersey and i am nerdy trash

I am open for commissions, and Trades. (Note me)

My Art Tumblr:
Normal Tumblr:
My Webcomic (Currently On Haitus):


Defense from Pale-fins by WiltingDaisy
Defense from Pale-fins
Jose is still learning cultural stuff, and makes mistakes. Mistakes aren't taken well by many, and Lioneyes often comes to Jose's aid. He makes sure he's not attacked or anything

Mirror for a Tide by WiltingDaisy
Mirror for a Tide
Jose has been staring at himself in that small mirror for like 6 hours straight trying to comprehend his magical transformation into a mer-person. Lioneyes is trying to get him out of it but he's just not there yet. Give him time

I'm never tagged in these so i STOLE IT

from MissPomp 


1. Pick 6 characters in any order
2. Don't change the questions
3. Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4. Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5. Have fun!


1. Getty (Geoffery)
2. Minae
3. Malcom
4. Vodju
5. Nanix (Personaverse)
6. KJ 

1. [5] is deeply missing someone. Who is it and why are they so important?  

Nanix deeply misses Yafeu, her lover of almost two years. Long story short they met through sometime travel shenanigans and had quite the illustrious affair. They fell in love, but Yafeu was doomed to die young. Nanix misses him constantly, and wonders what would have happened to him had they never met. 

2. Who could make [1] do anything for them if they asked? (Does not have to be your OC)

Mirela, totally. He may be a robot but he can be such a pushover when it comes to her. 

3. Would [6] have the guts to kill [2]? Explain your answer. 

Pfft, KJ can barely handle being a werewolf and accidentally scratching someone. No way they have the guts to kill a queen. 

4. A science experiment goes terribly wrong and [1] gets 24 hours approximately left to live. What will [1]  do?

Well, unless that science is computer science he's got nothing to worry about. and to be frank he'd probably spend his remaining time finding a cure for himself. He's not very sentimental- being a robot and all- and would just spend the time leading up to his death trying to fix himself and telling Mirela that everything would be alright. 

5. [3] birthday had come up and [4] gave [3] a gift. But, turns out [3] hates it. What will happen next?

Malcom: Do I even know you? What is this shit?

6. What will [5] become when s/he grows up? Any achievements [5]  is planning to achieve?

Nanix is already a grown up, and is living her life as an escort. her main achievement as of now is to figure out where she can go next

7. [6] going out shopping with [2] and they offer to buy [6]. What is it?

Minae would probably offer to buy KJ a proper binder, and sine KJ was in high school they've binded with sports bras on male-identifying days

8. [4] is extremely close friends with [3] ; is anyone jealous?

No, but everyone is confused and warns Malcom that Vodju is a crazy, racist asshole
9. [4] and [1] are on a boat and [1] decides to go swimming. Yet something caught [1] and now s/he is starting to drown! [4] is in the boat, but does [4] help [1] ?

Vodie will only help Getty (who can't really drown (again ROBOT) but can get stuck) if he promises to do something for him. Getty would rather sink to the bottom of the ocean and walk home

10. [2] and [5] are in the same room, with the lights off. [1] walks in. What is their reaction?

Getty will ask them if they want anything to drink, seeing as they are having a long and complicated talk about their personal lives and then he'll leave them alone because HE IS NOT RUDE ALSO THEY ARE COUSINS THIS QUESTION IS ICKY

12. [1] is on a hike with [5] and [5] faints! What will [1] do?

Getty would most likely do a body scan to figure out what was wrong, then pick her up and run to the nearest populated area. Being an Android has its perks, man.

13. Movie night with [2] and [3]. [3] makes [2] watch porn with them. Reactions?

Also Minae would be uncomfortable and literally just leave. Maybe put him on probation from work. 

14. Would [6] repeat their life if they could? Why or why not?

Yes. KJ so desperately wants to repeat their life so that they would discover themselves sooner. So that they could form their identity faster, and maybe the bond they have with their sister wouldn't have broken. KJ would give anything to fix that bond. They miss her a lot

15. Who would get into trouble faster, [2] or [4]?

Vodju is at least partially insane to the point of trying to poison a child, so i'll let you figure that one out

16. [1], I dare you to go find [5] weak point.

Getty: Mentally she is most susceptible in forested areas. Physically is she is very ticklish around the rib cage and outer thighs

Nanix: No on needed to know that, asshole

17. Who's the party animal between [1], [3] and [4]?

Getty isn't a party beast and Vodju is a fuckin loon, so I guess Malcom, even if he doesn't party often

18. [5] wakes up one morning with blood all over their face. [3] slept over and is no where to be found! [5] goes down stairs and sees [3]. What was the story? (Let [3] explain)

Malcom: .... i'm like 80% sure you and I had to kill somebody, and I ate them

Nanix: .... shit man, did you at least let me burn him first? 

Malcom: yeah yeah no trouble. Asshole had it coming anyway

19. [4], from 1-10, how good looking would you rate yourself?

Vodju: I'd say i'm a solid 8 ish

20. What's your favorite thing about the opposite gender, [5]?

Nanix: Physique, man. I need a guy that can keep up with me.

21. In your opinion, [6], what's the worst thing about the opposite gender?

KJ: .... I have no opposite gender. I am the very fluidity of the spectrum. bitch. 

22.[2] calls [5] over for an "emergency". [5] rushes over and [2] tells [5] to entertain them. How does [5] respond?

Well, Nanix knows that Minae would never call unless it was an actual emergency, so she'd get her cousin over to a diner or something and they'd talk. they're close like that

23. Is there anyone who you think about, [6], when you hear the word bed?

KJ: Sleep

24. [6] would you marry your current significant other right now if they asked? If you don't have one, who from this meme would your marry right now?

KJ: First of all I don't have one fuck you, and uh, I think i'd marry Getty. Robots are A-gender even if he's male-identifying, and i'm andro-sexual so i'd probably just pick him

25. The meme is over! All of you relieved or happy? (Don't forget to tag if you want to!)

I am relieved

I tag: 

  • Reading: The Reluctant Heiress

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